1. Allegedly the oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe; and also one of the oldest cities in the World - Plovdiv is contemporary of ancient Troy and Mycenae still standing proudly by the 7 hills;
2. The rich cultural heritage which cumulated for 8 millennia - sites like the Roman Stadium in the heart of the city; the Ancient Theatre - one of the best preserved in the World; Roman mosaics in the Small Basilica and the Old Town of Plovdiv with its splendid Bulgarian Revival-style wooden-frame houses dating back to 18th and 19th c;
3. The warmth and hospitable people - hanging around with locals will surely immerse you in the great, carefree atmosphere of Plovdiv;
4. "Kapana" district - the area in the city centre dedicated to the creative industries;
5. Cultural calendar - Plovdiv presents its touch of art & history.
6. Outdoor activities - whether it's visiting the sports base near the Rowing Canal, climbing on top of one of the hills, or enjoying a walk in one of the parks. Plovdiv has it!

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