With its first-rate ski sport conditions and years of traditions in the winter sports Pamporovo is recognized as the center on the Balkans which focus is on stimulating and developing ski and snowboard sports.Pamporovo hosts sports tournaments and cups on an annual basis and last couple of years the resort is proud with its list of major events and many new enterprises to which being a host now is turning into a tradition.

Many of the significant for the country and the ski community major competitions like snowboard cups, ski cross, snowboard cross and such, in partnership with respectable organizations, federations and institutions are being carried on in the means of great interest and attended by famous winter sports stars and professionals with major contributions in the history of the ski and snowboard sports.

Pamporovo PLC responsible for the sports facilities and equipment within the ski zone and their sustainable maintenance in good condition, makes sure they provide safe and reliable service operating at their optimum and ease the skiers traffic in the area, facilitating it as best as it can.

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