The House of Antoniadi in the old Plovdiv features the old apothecary shop 'Hippocrates' and the Museum of pharmacy, which are unique for Bulgaria. Here you can have insight of the way medicine and pharmacy were practised during the Bulgarian Revival period and up to the beginning of the 20th century - a period when all the medications and pills used to be hand made, of natural ingredients such as herbs, minerals and natural oils. The exhibited diplomas of physicians and pharmacists were delivered to their holders by universities in Western Europe. The museum exhibition reveals how the various extracts and tinctures used to be made and how laboratory tests were carried out. A lot of tools and medical equipment, manufactured mainly in Vienna and Berlin, are displayed inside. The apothecary shop features a preserved antique cash register, made in America in the 20es of the 20th c. as well as authentic royal "apothecary jars" with gold accents, having contained remedies for the royal family.
The original book with recipes by the healer St. John of Rila still keeps the memory of the century-old art of making remedies.

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