The main street "Knyaz Aleksandar I" is the main pedestrian area in the center of Plovdiv. It starts from Central Square at the hotel "Trimontsium", Central Post Office and the Tsar Simeon garden, passes Stefan Stambolov Square where is the building of the Municipality of Plovdiv, Roman Stadium (nowadays' pedestrian zone lies over the track of the stadium) and Dzhumaya mosque. Here tourists can depart the Old Town or The Trap, and the so-called Small Main Street (Rayko Daskalov Str.) continues along the Commercial complex "Hallie", crosses "6th September" Blvd. in underpass at Maritsa Pharmacy and ends with the indoor pedestrian bridge over the Maritsa River. The pedestrian area hosts a number of shops: shops for ladies, men and children fashion, shops for cosmetics, accessories and groceries, pharmacies, bookstores. Also, cafes, restaurants and some of the sights of the city.

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