Plovdiv is known as the city of painters and it cannot be accidental that the house of Dr. Stoyan Chomakov, an outstanding figure of the struggle for religious independence and spiritual union of the Bulgarians before the Liberation, is situated in very the centre of the Old town. He was one of the first graduate doctors in Plovdiv.
Since 1984 this house has hosted the biggest collection of 72 paintings by the famous Bulgarian artist Zlatyu Boyadzhiev (1903-1976), which are representative for the two distinct periods in his professional life. After a severe stroke in 1951, the artist started to paint with his left hand.
Zlatyu Boyadjiev loved his native country and its people. In fact people are central in his art.
Zlatyu's world is fairy-like, it is full of symmetry, balance and harmony. The artist has grasped the two extreme states of human nature - suffering and sorrow, faith and love, idealism and sacrifice. His canvases feature rural life and joy derived through communion with nature.
The Gallery today is a typical Plovdiv landmark, attracting also visitors through its organized various cultural events.

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