PRM assistants

If you have reduced mobility, you should still have access to air travel like anyone else.

You are also entitled to assistance, free of charge, getting on and off the plane, during the flight and in airports before and after the flight.

To get the best assistance, contact the airline, ticket seller or tour operator at least 48 hours before your tripand explain what kinds of assistance you require. They will also advise on your wheelchair or mobility device and, where applicable, their batteries.

You can't be denied boarding because of your reduced mobility, unless the aircraft is physically too small or there are security concerns.

Airlines do not have to provide help with eating or taking medication during a flight. If you need this type of help, for example during a longer flight, airlines might request that you be accompanied by another person.

If you have problems getting help while travelling, you should tell the airport authorities or the airline concerned.

If you are not satisfied with their reply, you can contact the national enforcement body [176 KB] in the country where the incident happened.